Artificial Grass Rug Adventure 10' x 12' for Patio, Deck, Boat Great Indoor/Outdoor

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Adventure grass area rug looks better than real grass and is strong enough to withstand everyday use and regular foot traffic. Face Weight: 54 oz. It resists fading for added longevity. Use it indoor/outdoor as a rug, doormat, pet grass. Upscale your patio, porch, boat, deck with fresh, beautiful color; 2/3 of emerald green and 1/3 of lime green layered with a green color thatch.
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With 2/3 of emerald green and 1/3 of lime green layered with a green color thatch, SNG Adventure makes any lawn looks fresh, lush and attractive. High quality and durability allows to use this artificial turf for any landscaping projects - from residential lawn to parks, animal shelters and playgrounds.

With pretty tall 1 5/8 inches blades and solid feel, SNG Adventure will make any homeowner proud of always green no-watering, no-maintenance perfectly manicured lawn that looks so natural and realistic no one can tell the difference.

Buy this amazing artificial grass today for wholesale price. We can cut any size for you 7.5 or 15 feet wide for no extra charge.

Recommended infill: Number 16 is ideal for Adveture. We have variety of infills to pick from: green sand #16, silica #16, spectra-fill #16 or new organic solution Zeolite.

Artificial grass 10 years warranty
  • Face Weight - 54 oz per sq.yd.
  • Colors -2/3 Emerald Green, 1/3 Lime Green
  • Thatch Layer - Green
  • Pile Height - 1 5/8"
  • Turf Gauge - 3/8"
  • Backing Weight - 20 oz per sq.yd.
  • Total Weight - 74 oz per sq.yd.
  • Stitch Rate - 12/10 cm
  • Stitches/m2 - 12600
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