AllGreen Tara Red Artificial Grass Indoor/Outdoor Rug 4' x 6'

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Add a splash of color to your patio, home, office, front or backyard with AllGreen Tara artificial grass. 100% eco-friendly, safe for children and pets, Tara drains quickly, doesn't fade under direct sunlight and can be installed indoor or outdoor. Ten years warranty, up to 20 years life-span. No maintenance required.
MSRP: $1,494.00 ($4.98/sq.ft.)
Save: $1,494.00
Length (feet)
Width(15' max)
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AllGreen Tara Artificial Grass Indoor/Outdoor Doormat/Area Rug is a solution to brighten up your home, office, children room, school, playground, and pet area. Our Tara synthetic grass is durable, lightweight, low maintenance, easy to clean and will give you the most natural, realistic look.

AllGreen will turn your home, office or pet area into a beautiful, lush and tranquil retreat. It renders a natural, luxurious, plush and soft surface excellent for children and pets. It is perfect for everyone including pets because of its improved safety and minimal maintenance requirements. It allows children and pet to enjoy the benefits of indoor and outdoor activities in a safe environment with no nasty splinters, head injuries, or allergic reactions. AllGreen artificial grass product comes with 10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

  • Made from 100% lead-free, eco-friendly synthetic fibers with engineered blades.
  • Washable; can be easily cleaned by shaking, sweeping or hosing off with water.
  • Use as indoor-outdoor area rug or doormat on a patio, backyard, balcony, laundry room, or as a potty pad for pets.
  • Hypoallergenic, highest quality and certified by independent laboratories, children, and pet-friendly.
  • Polyurethane backing with drainage holes for easy care.
Artificial grass 10 years warranty
  • Face Weight - 70 oz per sq.yd.
  • Colors -Red
  • Pile Height - 2 1/4"
  • Turf Gauge - 3/8"
  • Backing Weight - 20 oz per sq.yd.
  • Total Weight - 90 oz per sq.yd.
  • Stitch Rate - 20/10 cm
  • Stitches/m2 - 21000
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