9'x7' Artificial Grass Journey 53 oz. Rug Indoor/Outdoor

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Turf4Less area rugs made with top-quality 53 oz artificial grass Journey is an ideal fit for home decoration, patio, porch, deck, or a boat. Bright Emerald Green and Olive Green blades combined with curled Brown and Green thatching match the natural beauty of fresh grass. The S-profile fibers offer extra resiliency and performance. Zero-maintenance turf; easy to clean; just hose off. Permeable backing allows liquids drain quickly; can be used for pets, dogs kennels, dog runs.
MSRP: $954.00 ($3.18/sq.ft.)
Save: $954.00
Length (feet)
Width(15' max)
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Even when days are hot and sunny, SNG Long Journey reflects the sunlight without giving up its supernatural look and feel. Grass blades designed in the shape of a letter S, makes this artificial turf standout as a perfect alternative to the natural lawn with its soft feel, realistic look and unmatching benefits of no watering, no maintenance, no fertilizing. Reassure the long-term life of your evergreen lawn with the new S blade technology.

Naturally looking two-tone shades of emerald, and olive green grass blades help SNG Lone Journey to recreate perfectly manicured lawn without any doubts. The high quality and unique technology allows this turf to be used for any type of landscaping projects, including residential and commercial landscaping, playgrounds and sports fields.

There are two thatch layers, green and brown, to deliver a dense look and feel to this turf. Ten year's warranty and twenty years of life expectancy will add to overall benefits of always having green, beautiful lawn that you love to see and touch.

Check out our everyday discounts! And we can cut any size for you 7.5 or 15 feet wide for no additional charge.

Recommended infill: choose one of the following - green sand #16, silica sand #16, Spectrum-Fill #16 or ZeoFill.

Artificial grass 10 years warranty
  • Face Weight - 53 oz per sq.yd.
  • Colors -Emerald Green, Olive Green
  • Thatch Layer - Brown
  • Turf Profile: S
  • Pile Height - 1 3/8"
  • Turf Gauge - 1/2"
  • Backing Weight - 20 oz per sq.yd.
  • Total Weight - 73 oz per sq.yd.
  • Stitch Rate - 13/10 cm
  • Stitches/m2 - 10270
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