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When do we offer a free consultation

If you want to discuss the best options that ideally fit your taste, preferences, and budget, we offer free expert advice over the phone with a quick no-questions-asked property or space assessment. If you'd like to find professionals who can help you with designing your area or installing artificial grass, you can use our in-home consultation. It's also free. Fill the form below, and we will call you the same day to schedule your service.

What to Expect From a Free On-Site Consultation

Site Survey

Your landscape design specialist will walk you through your property with you, looking for specific opportunities and layout setup.


Finding out what ideas you have about your new landscape is essential. Our experts will discuss with you how you envision your property and what you would like to see. It can be your front lawn or backyard lawn, golf course, or patio installation. We can make the installation easy and affordable.

Free Samples

We have a wide variety of artificial grass products you can review online, but you'd like to see it and touch it to choose the best option. During our initial walk-through, we'll bring samples of our turf for you to decide.


At the end of the consultation, your landscape design expert will provide you with a recommendation, and together you can discuss potential next steps.